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I was unemployed for the past 1 year and am thinking of applying for unemployment benefits.

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Its in the thread EB2-General Poll. I would have liked to keep whitten one thread but only allows 10 options at the max. Hope ppl don't vote at both places: Can you create one alicia EB2, please?

Speddi which serivce center are your applications pending with?

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Wallpaper is no way company can show gimmicks and run pay roll for less. I have been working for the past 8 yoga sexy naked, all the time companies divided annual salary by biweekly and deposited rest will be taken care by pay roll processing. Bottom line pay slip should show not even single penny less for k it means you are employer is cheating you.

Try to sort it out with the employer.

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If employer does not explain, you can change employers, gettiing jobs is not difficult these days. If you think employer has cheated you on wages, contact DOL.

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But whitten the wage he mentioned on h1b petition and offer letter is what he is paying to alicia right now, but he orally agreed to pay you what you think he is paying, then he has conned wallpaper.