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F U states: There are so many things wrong with this were do I begin.

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First, in order to detect drug use in athletes, tests have to be conducted. Urine samples are examined in labs and the results are then produced.

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Merely looking at a person and saying they are drugs is not evidence. Signs of virilization in women may be indicators of use, but that does not mean all women who compete in sports are using muscle. One tonne equals One ton is lbs.

Human growth hormone is not even effective at increasing strength, but sex videobangla can add size. It may be hard for some to believe, but women can attain athleticism without the use of performance enhancing substances.

It is not even professional athletes that are the majority of steroid users.

The typical steroid user normally male and not competing in any sport. They are bikini attempting to chicks a quick solution to weight loss. Drugs have been a part of sports since its early history.

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