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Breast Suspension

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open. November Checking for direct PDF access through Ovid. Abstract Background: While dual plane breast augmentation successfully addresses low ptosis grades, concomitant hypomastia and greater ptosis often requires combined immediate or staged mastopexy with extended incisions beyond those required for breast augmentation.

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In an attempt at offering a minimal scar in a single procedure, we evaluated the benefit of a gland suspension maneuver in addition to a dual plane dissection and implant placement to improve com contour, avoid postoperative ptosis, and thus suspension staged reintervention procedures.

A consecutive group of 73 patients presenting ptotic hypomastia were jointly categorized and underwent implant placement, dual plane dissection level 3, and gland suspension maneuver.

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An age, implant volume, ptosis degree matched historical cohort was used as control no gland suspension. All subjects were followed longer than 1 year postoperatively. Outcome analysis included reintervention rates and objective geodesic changes using objective morphometric parameters as measured by 3D scan analysis. When experimental and control cohorts multiple sex porn segregated according to ptosis grade, gland suspension breast was associated to a lower frequency of subsequent ancillary mastopexy procedures reintervention rate for all ptosis grades except ptosis grade III.