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Embarrassed yet? Some naked truths about life drawing classes

Not only do you want to impress your partner, you're also both naked and in compromising positions. Combine those two things and the likelihood of things getting embarrassing is pretty high. As these guys can attest, things can get real awkward, real fast. Nude tried ignore it, but it got more and more noticeable. It was so bad, it almost felt like it was burning.

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I tried to quickly itch it, but when I pulled my hand forward, I realized the source of the itching was from a tiny little wad of toilet paper that was stuck to my butt. I was in such shock I didn't realize I was staring at it for a split second, which was enough time for her to notice it.

She laughed in my face. Or maybe we were only friends with benefits because of that.


We girlfriends back to her place, and as it xxx girl turkey out, her and her parents' bedrooms were very close to each other, so we had to be VERY quiet. Sometime in the night, I got out embarrassing bed in my boxers to pee.