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Substantia Jones's Body-Positive Photos of 'Fat' People

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Gina Tonic. Five fat people discuss their issues while naked.

Model Photographs and Shames Naked Woman at Her Gym

Set up to try and be overwhelmingly impartial, the mix of men and women are presented individually on a plain white set with nobody speaking but them.

The interviews range nudity serious to funny, overlaid throughout with positivity about being plus-size. As one woman puts it: Jed, a London-based comedian, says he had to learn to laugh at and with those trying to offend him, something that led to his career choice.

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I know from experience that people seek out body positive content in order to revel in their disgust for fat flesh, to laugh at and hate those that look similar to me. But the show does make me consider my own nudity. I exist in a fat body.