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Fishing nude shots

Matthew McConaughey in Serenity. The new year is not even a month old, but a hunk of junk called Serenity already qualifies as the worst film of The result is a sub-mental waste of time and Diane Lane.

Women fishing naked in the river

One expects junk in January. But it is rare to pull shots junk movie from the sharon stone uncut as spectacularly stupid as Serenity. It is clear from first sight that he has mental problems. Steven Knight Written by: Steven Knight Starring: Miraculously, he also has a girlfriend, played by a terminally wasted Diane Lane, who serves no purpose except fishing provide him with repeated opportunities to show off his rear end in the nude.

He also has no plumbing, so to take a bath he shots goes nude monty and jumps off the top of a cliff into the sea to nude even more of his gym-pumped torso.

Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Serenity’ Is a Pointless Bomb | Observer

He looks embalmed. Now she realizes it was a mistake. Hissing, snarling viciously and punching Karen to a pulp while she calls him Daddy, Jason Clarke plays Frank like an overboiled skit from Saturday Night Live. Well, what else are you going to do in Florida? As the movie turns into a long, exasperating episode from The Twilight Zonethe dialogue fishing giggles and then loud guffaws.