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Looking forward to the fights this weekend, but I wanted to just get your thoughts on the hair follicle test and results from Canelo.

Dtying hardcore due to connection lost(how GGG might fix this issue?)

Well Canelo did exactly that and it was great result for salvaging his reputation because it came up negative. Thanks as always. I think the additional testing Canelo did for the Nevada Athletic Commission NACggg with his cooperation during the investigation providing food logs, credit card statements, etc.

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Some of them have their minds made up on Canelo. If fans or media want to hate a certain fighter they have a right to do so. I think those fans, including the ones that were on the fence and those who leaned toward him being guilty of cheating, will give him hotdesivideo benefit of the doubt and a second chance in light hardcore the results of this vaunted hair test.

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If possible, I ggg wanted to get your take on the current happenings in the negotiations for the Joshua v Wilder fight…. From a UK perspective the situation very much seems to be as follows: As such it would be great hardcore get your educated perspective on the following from a US perspective:. Anyways, be great to get your take mate. All I hope is Deontay can keep off Instagram long enough for the negotiations to take place behind closed doors and we all get the fight.

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Much love, brother.