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Hardcore download blogspot

Remember the time when we used to download punk records from all those horribly looking blogspot websites with attached links to file sharing services? However, there were some decent blogs that have made a huge impact hardcore punx finding real underground punk on the Internet.

I Love Mosh | We Love Mosh

Around the time everyone went on Facebook, most of these blogs have more or less vanished. I still remember most of these, so I created a comprehensive list in not really particular order of blogs that, in my opinion, have some value into them.

Some of them are still going strong to this day, some are quite new actually, while others are no longer publishing new content. You know, the preferred format for truly underground bands that have no money or other resources to record blogspot proper full-length.

Bound X By X Modern X Age: Current Hardcore Bands You Should Know About!

I think, almost any other blog in this list has india bikini nude link to 7inch Crust. All the reviews and stories have a very personal touch to them.

For someone blogspot to read about all those bands and their stories rather than just download download music, this is a great blog.

One of my favorite blogs!

all things old school

The interviews are usually really personal, deep and political. Undoubtedly one of hardcore most popular of all the blogs on this list.


Still alive download kicking, this is a blog that has a lot to offer.