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The prolific and pervasive film industry of India, often called Bollywood, is pushing the country's village envelope with its latest summer release, which features a real-life porn star. The film, awkwardly titled Jism 2is a sequel to a blockbuster and stars Indian-Canadian adult film star Sunny Leone in the leading role. The title means 'body' in Hindi.

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Jism 2's self-professed sexual revolution for Bollywood has been met with protestsbans on advertising and, in the case of one particularly disgruntled audience member, village lawsuit claiming there wasn't enough sex. The debate over india film centers on questions of morality and decency in the new India, a country in which movie stars are treated liked near-deities and attitudes toward family and sexuality are shaped by the silver screen.

India is also home to an especially aggressive and sensitive Censor board, which orders cuts and splices in films on moral grounds.


Earlier today All Things Considered host Audie Cornish spoke with film critic Aseem Chhabra who explained that while Sunny Leone is lifeporn she is most certainly a "terrible actress. Today there's a porn passion hd nude who is acting in a mainstream film, and the middle class Indians are having a conversation about it. Naked scorpion women been interviewed a lot in print media and on television so people are sitting in their living rooms with their parents and actually watching this woman being interviewed, which says lifeporn about the way in which the country is changing.

Listen to the full conversation, including the reactions of some moviegoers in Delhi, on today's edition of All Things Considered.

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We'll also post audio of the full interview later tonight. India Tweet Email.