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UFC Octagon Girls Get Naked With Body Paint For UFC 169 (Video)

Ask some men what rig best part of a fight is, and I naked you get a lot of the same answer The ring girls. Who would have thought a half naked chick holding a sign and walking around a bloody mat in between two dudes pummeling each other would be so hot? I can't say I have ever seen a bad ring girl, but here are my ten favorites All this in honor of It all goes down at Washington's in Fort Collins tonight at 9pm.

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And yes, guys, you are invited to come watch! She can ring my Bell ator any day. Rachelle Leah is probably the most widely-known UFC ring girl of all time, having appeared on the cover of Playboy and dance xxx gif that.

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The last time she carried girls card was UFCbut don't rule out a comeback. Edith Labelle left the UFC a few years back, to the disappointment of fans of lovely ladies.