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Nathalie wood

It soon emerged that Wood had spent Thanksgiving weekend aboard her yacht, Splendour, with her husband, actor Robert Wagnerher Brainstorm co-star, Christopher Walkenand the ship's young captain, Dennis Davern, before an accident of some sort left her lifeless in the water.

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On November 30, Thomas Noguchi, chief medical examiner in the L. County Coroner's Office, announced his determination of an "accidental drowning.

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Two days later, Naked dans mourned Wood's passing at a star-studded funeral, marked by a teary Wagner kissing her coffin, and the investigation wood formally closed on December Although an accidental drowning seemed fully plausible, nagging questions lingered for those paying attention. Noguchi himself raised some of those questions in his book, Coroner.

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Why, he wondered, did Wood slip out to the yacht's stern in the middle of the night and untie the dinghy? Where was she going? And why did it take so long for nathalie men aboard to realize she was gone?

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Nathalie sister Lana, who followed by publishing Natalie: A Memoir wood Her Sisterwas also puzzled by the supposed chain of events. How was it possible that Wood, with her long-known fear of "dark water," would venture out into those very environs, alone, on a starless night?