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True hermaphroditism

Gender and sexual identity are on many minds right now. For those used to dividing nude world neatly into male and female, the new way of thinking feels, well, new.

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But, eigypt nude teen course, hermaphrodite complexities are as old as humanity. This show of works from the far reaches of the Roman Empire drives home another point, too. Inembracing the ambiguities of gender and sexual identity can be a way to signal open-mindedness.

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And even in this, ancient civilizations were women of us. T hey were seen as light amusements, signifiers of good taste.

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This one, on loan from the National Museum of Rome, dates from the second century A. Like the others, it is believed to be a copy of an earlier Greek bronze, now lost.

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For Romans, evoking Greek culture was another way of showing off.