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NUDE photos of hundreds of young Chinese women who were forced to hand over naked selfies for cash loans have been leaked online. The horrific practice is being done through Jiedaibao, a peer-to-peer lending platform where people can broker their own deals - but it is not known nude leaked the pictures.

Millennials in China Are Using Nudes to Secure Loans

In June it emerged that the young girls are asked to send a naked selfie with woman ID card in order to borrow thousands of yuan with high interest rates. The dodgy loan sharks then threaten to contact their parents and post the picture online, to make sure that the money will be repaid. According to kirsten andrews fucked newspaper Legal Daily, some lenders sell the nude pictures for 30 yuan at a time, even after they receive all their money.

A female student told Beijing Youth Daily that she sent nude pictures to numerous lenders to raiseyuan to start a business. But, between February and June, her debt doubled and she was forced to ask her parents for help to pay back the loan. A screenshot of a china between a female student and a loan shark reveals that pornstar loni sanders girl had borrowed 10, yuan to pay for an abortion.

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Many Chinese students find it difficult to get loans as the government is only able to provide limited support. Yesterday, the website Jiedaibao confirmed that nude loans do take place on their website, though they are not regulated or approved of. In a statement to the Guardian, a spokesman for Jiedaibao said: One commenter said: Why does the regulatory authority neglect it?

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