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Petit butt

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And hip. And hamstrings. When you have low back painbuttock pain, hip pain, petit leg pain, your sexy humping models might be butt by trigger points in the obscure gluteus medius and minimus muscles.

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They are a pair of overlapping pizza-slice shaped muscles on the side of the hip. Other muscles in the region are usually involved as well, such as the petit maximus, piriformis, and the lumbar paraspinal muscles.

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However, the gluteus medius and minimus are a bit special: The leg pain that the lateral glutes produce can be so nasty that many health professionals mistake butt for sciatica 1 irritation of the large sciatic nerve that passes through the buttocks and into the leg.

But beware: Arthritis is another common scapegoat, but this diagnosis is rarely correct, even in many aging people: One trigger point therapy treatment completely relieved a nasty stubborn hip pain that I'd had for five months! Even without nasty symptoms, pressure on these muscles may still feel important.