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Pornstar mums


Photo of Alana Evans by Michael Dorausch. With all the choreographed blowjobs and cheesy soft jazz, we often forget porn stars go home to their families after shoots. Women encompass a huge chunk of the porn industry, so naturally many of these women spend their time balancing their careers and raising kids. For many mothers in porn, coming clean about their personal lives can have benefits.

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One actress, Marie Williams, even told me her eldest son's friends wanted to come over once they had discovered she worked as a professional MILF. Assuming this role may feel glamorous, but there are also serious ramifications for stars' children. Laurie Betitoa psychologist, sex therapist, and radio show host.


It could have repercussions everywhere, depending on the constitution of the child. You're imparting values. How are they supposed to make sense of what a healthy relationship looks like, let alone a marriage?

Meet the Working Mothers of Porn

A self-described "pretty blonde with big boobs," Nina Mums didn't always use her looks to support her family. She once worked as a dental hygienist, but when she learned how much porn stars made, she pornstar it was too lucrative to pass up.

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To her, starring in porn meant paying for her five-year-old daughter's singing and ballet lessons and buying her year-old son Nike sneakers. At the start of her mums career, she kept pornstar fact that she had a family a secret to protect her gif masturbating woman from scrutiny, but eventually she decided to go public to correct some misconceptions about being a mom in the industry.

I've seen this, done that, so when my kids do it, I'll be like, 'Meh.

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