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Sexy naked cigar

Whether using a wooden not cardboard match, butane lighter, or cedar spill, the lighting ritual is the same. It starts with kim dickens fee the foot of the cigar to prepare it for lighting.

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With the cigar at a 45 degree angle, hold the tip of the flame directly underneath the foot or tuck end of the cigar. Never let the flame touch the tobacco and risk charring that beautiful and expensive! The tip is the hottest part of the flame, and you want to toast the open end of the filler leaves to dry them out remember, your cigar has been — or should have been cigar humidified.

This will prepare the tobacco to naked readily accept the flame when you actually sexy the cigar.


Gently rotate sexy cigar as you toast it. Be sure to get the entire circumference smoldering.

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Some people — especially cigar sommeliers — will continue this procedure until the end of the cigar is naked glowing and sometime bursts into flame of its own accord. Otherwise, when a whiff of smoke starts to curl up, place the cigar in your mouth, and puff gently while continuing to rotate the cigar over the tip of the flame without letting the flame touch the cigar.

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Continue to rotate the cigar, until the entire foot is glowing. Now you are ready to relax with your cigar. Remember, a cigar is never inhaled.