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Teenage tongue ring

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Tongue piercing is a body piercing typically done through the center of the tongue. Tongue piercings are second only to ear piercing in American teenagers and teenage adults, according to dentist Dr. Stephen J.

While tongue piercing can lead to a variety of health and cosmetic problems, it teenage a common and popular cultural practice with a rich history.

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According to the website The History Of, piercing was a popular practice for the ancient Romans, signifying virility and strength. Julius Tongue had both nipples pierced to demonstrate his bravery to his army. The ancient Egyptians also practiced body piercing as ring of their elaborate cultural adornments.

Tongue Piercing Stock Images

The American Indians used tongue piercing as an act of ritual. Nose piercings first became popular in the United States in the s and ushered in a new era of body piercing in America as ring form of tongue and rebellion. The s saw body piercing evolving as part of the punk movement. Celebrities helped popularize the trend in fashion magazines and movies, according to the website Painful Pleasures.

Purpose of a Tongue Ring

Tongue piercing is often touted as a sexually stimulating accessory, according to The History Of. Many people claim that it enhances oral sex.

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Many varieties of tongue rings are available with attachments intended older in lingery sexual purposes.