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Belgium naked men "Hulkster" is one of the biggest celebrities of the wrestling world of all time.

"I was completely humiliated": Hulk Hogan testifies at sex tape trial

He wanted Hogan to be an Irish wrestler and initially tried to get him to dye his hair red. Hogan, already going bald, resisted and told McMahon he would be a blonde Irish wrestler. He saw stardom, and Hogan was more than willing to accept it. This only brought Hogan's fame to another level, and he continued on as a wrestling giant, leaving one of the biggest footprints of all time on the sport.

On the other side of the coin, Hogan's personal life hasn't been nearly as smooth. There have been numerous ups and downs. The family had their own reality television series but suffered personal setbacks almost immediately hogan filming the show.

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Hogan's wife cheated on him, and there were rumors of infidelities of his own. The family imploded. Soon after, a sex tape that was illegally leaked and spread naked Hogan wife court and got him a big payoff.