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How To Heal A Sore Vagina, Because It Happens To The Best Of Us — Even Porn Stars

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I woke up around 9 a. Afterward, I spent 15 minutes stretching, then another 15 minutes strategically applying kinesiology tape to support my knee.

No One in the Porn Industry Likes a Broken Vagina -

Then I womens in the shower, applying a face mask and a deep conditioning treatment to my hair vagina I diligently shaved my entire body. I had gotten my period the day before, and this way I could still receive penetration without any visible blood or tampon strings.

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I precociously staged several bags of Epsom salts for my evening soak and texted my massage therapist to confirm our session the following afternoon.

Finally, I tossed clothes on, grabbed a small suitcase, my knee brace, and my pornstars cane, and fled out the front door to work. What do I do for work, you ask?

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A body that has shattered an ankle, torn a meniscus, and ripped a rotator cuff. A body that, despite its limitations, still has to perform as though it is superhuman. This has made me keenly aware of the flaws in the system that put those in my profession in thai ladyboy porno precarious situation: The vast majority of sex workers are independent contractors.