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Science High school biology Classical genetics Sex linkage. Example xvideo square for sex-linked recessive trait.

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Next lesson. Current time: Video transcript By this point in the biology playlist, you're probably wondering a very natural question, how is gender determined in an sex And it's not an obvious answer, because throughout the animal kingdom, it's actually determined in different ways.

In some creatures, especially some types of reptiles, it's environmental. Woman all reptiles, but certain cases of it.

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It could be maybe the temperature in which the embryo develops will dictate whether it turns into a male or female or other environmental factors. And in other types of animals, especially mammals, of which asianamericannudegirls are one example, it's a genetic basis. And so your next question is, hey, Sal, so-- let me write this down, in mammals it's genetic-- so, OK, maybe they're different alleles, a male or a female allele.